Product Strategy

From clearly identifying the market opportunity to building the commercial model with data validation.

Building great products that achieve results

When companies embark on a journey to build a new product, whether a consumable that needs to have attractiveness to consumers or a technology platform developed to achieve a commercial purpose, it all starts with the right strategy considering the market and whole lifespan of the product.

Our Methodology

Our methodology at Imperial Agency comes from a deep rooted belief of data above opinion. Our methodology in our Sydney based agency is to mitigate our clients risk in developing a product by validating the available market, consumer behaviour and complexities with regards to the costs of development and acquiring a market for the product. This work assists our clients in validating their ideas and substantiating their future roadmap.


Our team consist of product designers, developers, product manager, program manager, marketing experts or financial advisors who understand the product development process in order to create the best outcome for customers.

Market Research

Online market research
Search engine analysis
Social media trends analysis
Buyer behaviour research
Digital marketing spend forecasts

Design Thinking

Product empathy guide
Rapid Prototyping
Data above opinion

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a method for the practical resolution of problems, encapsulating methods and ideas of validating human-centered design with a focus on end-to-end product development.

Defining success through contextual market research

This is when our research team performs an in-depth analysis of market behaviour, studying the competitive landscape and consumer behaviour with relation to the opportunity identified.

Lifespan & enterprise competitiveness.

Some product ideas may only have a limited lifespan, its important to know exactly what that lifespan is so that our clients can manage their commercial effectiveness and business roadmap.