Design Systems

Imperial Agency has more than a decade of experience is building unique purpose-built design systems for any aspect of a digital product from branding, UX/UI design or development.

Over a decade of experience in design

Our designers have over a decade of experience in crafting well-functioning and enduring design systems. From pattern libraries, UI structured module design, shared language guides and style guides... we have have been designing design systems for even the most complex companies or product experiences.

Our Methodology

Design systems are extremely helpful tools used to build consistent "look and feel", context and language across any digital product. These systems are used by Imperial Agency designers in medium-sized to complex and iterative projects to improve usability and speed up production, especially when it comes to solving new problems that a product might face. This allows our clients to have a more consistent product design and effective interaction within their internal teams working on the product.


Our designers have built design systems that create relationships between elements of a digital product and guide how that product interacts with its user to address a need. These systems are used to empower teams, not limit them.

Design Assets and Applications

Component library and guidelines
Iconography and design style guides
Design system application

Product Design

Improving existing KPIs
Developing micro-interactions
Rapid prototyping and conceptual design